ChatGPT SEO : Here are the 12 Best Ways to Use it

April 3, 2023

How to Use ChatGPT for SEO?

ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an extensive language-focused learning model. Utilizing man-made reasoning (artificial intelligence) and tons of information, it can connect with users like a human, responding to follow-up questions, recognizing botches, dismissing unseemly demands, and, surprisingly, testing erroneous premises. Even though this OpenAI chatbot isn't directly competing with Google, it is changing how searches are done.

ChatGPT and SEO, What?

Website content can be automatically generated using generative language models like ChatGPT, which can include text with keywords and phrases that are frequently used in search engine queries. Or you can enter a topic or a keyword and this awe-inspiring tech can give your SEO-optimized content.

Now, What Can ChatGPT SEO Do for You?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have only recently begun to be utilized in marketing and SEO. ChatGPT is fit for taking part in conversations and responding to inquiries in a way that is eerily near a human. It can write essays, poems, fiction, and even advertising copy, which is enough to worry professional writers like me.

ChatGPT is smart enough to write meta descriptions and debug code, not just content. Utilizing it for coding is currently a complex and time-consuming process, but it is reasonable to anticipate that as the learning model expands, it will become much simpler. It can also be used as a search assistant, answering users' questions in clear and concise formats so they don't have to search through multiple websites.

For instance, if you are looking for a recipe for beef wellington, ChatGPT provides you with a list of the ingredients and the steps needed to prepare it instead of sending you through a dozen blog pages and past a lengthy narrative about how the blogger’s aunt once prepared some dish for Winston Churchill. This might sound somewhat alarming but we must embrace AI technology rather than be concerned about it.

There are numerous ways you can utilize it to smooth out your work and make excess or dull errands more proficient. Let's take a look at how cutting-edge SEO professionals are currently utilizing ChatGPT.

How to Use ChatGPT for SEO?

1. Creating Content

Producing content can be challenging, particularly if you do not employ a talented but humble writer like me. Can ChatGPT SEO assist you with this? Yes, it can, but you probably shouldn't use it to write blog posts or web pages. In 2022, Google Search Backer John Mueller said that the web crawler sees content made utilizing AI to be spam, an infringement of the organic result rules. Even content created by anti-detection algorithms can currently be identified and penalized by Google algorithms. When working with AI, human oversight should always be used.

However, ChatGPT is safe to use for the creation of content for email pitches, PPC landing page copy, social media posts, and even ad copy. It can also be a useful tool for brainstorming. ChatGPT can streamline several redundant contents, like ad variations if you are careful. Remember to carefully check any generated content because it may contain errors.

2. Analysis of Keywords

Okay, so you don't want to put yourself in danger of being caught using ChatGPT to create content. You can still make use of its power as part of your content strategy. Keyword research is almost effortless with ChatGPT:

  • Simply open the chatbot.
  • Enter a few of your desired keywords.
  • Ask for related keywords.

Based on its comprehension of search results, ChatGPT will produce a list of related keywords. It can also be used to find out who is competing for various keywords.

3. Developing a Content Strategy

You can have ChatGPT draft a content marketing strategy for you. Although you could probably ask for more specific plans, it does provide a high-level set of strategies for content related to a particular field. One thing to worry about is that your competitors might do the same thing. As a result, you are all writing blog posts about "the benefits of XYZ," "how XYZ can improve efficiency," and other similar topics.

4. Search Query

ChatGPT's ability to drill down into the search query and examine the intent of the search beyond the words is the single most intriguing SEO potential. The AI frequently improves whenever you post a query. While the beta rendition of this chatbot isn't associated with the web yet, it appears its ability to learn makes it more noteworthy.

It can give you what each of your searches is looking for, data you didn't realize you were searching for. You don't need to be told as an SEO professional that improving your content to better answer a question will help you climb the rankings. ChatGPT can assist you in doing just that.

5. Making Good SEO Titles

If you ask any writer, they'll tell you that titles are one of the hardest things to write, especially for SEO. Too frequently, they end up being dry articles like "What is ChatGPT and SEO" or something like that. ChatGPT solves that problem by giving SEO-oriented tacky clickbait titles.

6. Creating and Managing Analytics Reports

For many marketers, spreadsheets, and reports are their worst nightmares. However, businesses require data to show that your efforts are having an impact. ChatGPT SEO has the potential to change the game in this area. Plus, this feature can help you find new ranking opportunities you might have missed otherwise.

For analytics reporting, let's say you want to write code, but don't know much about programming. Or, you might want to filter a report based on particular words to find opportunities to expand your FAQs or how-to guides. ChatGPT allows anyone with a basic understanding of these expressions to use it to automatically generate a list.

Similarly, if you frequently struggle with Google Sheets or Excel (and who doesn't?), Writing formulas and parsing data can be a lot easier with ChatGPT.

7. Build Regex

An ordinary articulation (regex) is a grouping of characters used to track down designs inside text. Words like "bat, bet, bit, bot, but" can be found on a page using the pattern /b[aeiou]t/, for instance. We can ask ChatGPT to locate keywords phrased as questions in Google Search Console (GSC): Which of the following words can be used as a regular expression? How, who, when, where, and why? The match should begin with these phrases.

With this response, we can use the Query filter to paste the custom regex into GSC. The Positions filter will then be set to >10, and the list will be sorted in ascending order. We now have a list of useful keywords that we can work on to move those pages up to Google's first page.

8. Create Automation

There are a lot of ways to improve automation if you are tech-savvy. Here's a brief example:

Let's say you're working on a campaign to get links. You've gathered the URL, space, and first and last names of the creators you must contact. You must now locate their email addresses. The wasteful technique is to go through them individually in a web application or Chrome Expansion. The best approach would be to connect to an email-finding API like through App Scripts code. The code can be written with ChatGPT:

  • Create a function called "find Email" in Google Appscripts that will return an individual's email address by utilizing the "Email Finder" API of
  • On the off chance that no email exists, return "THEY Would rather not BE Reached."
  • After that, open App Scripts with the generated code.
  • Copy and paste the code first, then save the file before returning to Google Sheets.
  • Type "find the email" into the email column, break the parentheses, and select the first, last, and domain.
  • Press enter.
  • Simply drag the formula down to select the remainder of the list.

Now, this isn’t the end of the iceberg. You can do a lot more; for instance, SEO professionals are combining it with Python to accomplish a lot of cool things.

9. Create Hreflang Code

You can use ChatGPT to quickly create snippets of code, such as hreflang snippets and schema markup, thanks to its ability to write code.

10. Give an Outline

Google SEO ChatGPT can give you perfect outlines of any topic you request. SEOs are salivating at the prospect of using ChatGPT to make content briefs (or even blog entries). Think of ChatGPT as a partner in your creative sparring but don't completely rely on the content it suggests.

11. Create Short-Form Content

No matter how much you enjoy writing, creating certain types of content is boring. Meta descriptions, product descriptions, ad copy variations, and many more are such examples. We can ask ChatGPT to do it for us rather than requiring a member of our marketing team to spend their day writing meta descriptions.

12. Proofreading

You can use ChatGPT to proofread the work of freelance writers if you frequently collaborate with them. We can even ask ChatGPT to proofread a portion of the post. ChatGPT can improve the content in just a matter of seconds.

What’s The Bottom Line of ChatGPT SEO?

ChatGPT took over the internet at the end of 2022,  and its creator, OpenAI, anticipates that it will earn $1 billion in 2024 and more than $200 million in 2023. When you use ChatGPT for SEO, you basically get an additional employee to discuss ideas with. What’s more, that employee has instant access to content from all over the internet. ChatGPT SEO has the following rules to play:

  • Keyword research
  • Content planning
  • Strategy writing
  • Creating metadata
  • Editing
  • Backlinking, etc.

ChatGPT is simply one more instrument to use for Website design enhancement. Since it is still a new product, there will undoubtedly be numerous errors and kinks to iron out as it develops. At the same time, its capabilities will grow, allowing us all to use our work more creatively. Some people think the future of AI is scary, but as marketers, we should use it to improve our own creative process now rather than worry about it replacing us in the future.

ChatGPT for SEO FAQs:

1. Can you use ChatGPT for SEO?

Contingent upon what data you feed ChatGPT, you can give a few incredible outcomes to integrate into your SEO technique. Refer to our article to learn how!

2. Is ChatGPT content bad for SEO?

Even though ChatGPT may appear to be a very useful tool, there are a few drawbacks to using it for content creation in your SEO program. Negative aspects of ChatGPT SEO include missing the E-E-A-T factor. It might not be accurate or of poor quality.

3. Does Google penalize ChatGPT content?

Spammers who use ChatGPT or some other AI to generate SEO-optimized spam will be subject to penalties. However, content creators can produce high-quality SEO-oriented content by using the same automation and AI tools.


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