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One of Our Crypto Tax Software Clients - A Whopping 322.86% Hike in Organic Traffic, in 8 Months

January 5, 2022

Our client is into crypto tax software solution that helps users to automate their crypto transaction report and provide them with ready-to-file paperwork. As a tax software, it not only facilitates easy trade tracking, but also lets you see your profits, making sure you never overpay on your crypto taxes again.

Calculating your cryptocurrency taxes is hard, but they makes it easy by providing a digital workflow to simplify, optimize, and automate the entire process!

The Challenge: Drive Higher and Lasting Organic Traffic

When we came on board with our client for SEO services back in June 2021, they wanted to increase its organic traffic with different keywords and branding ideas. Their old blogs and pages were not giving them better results. Hence, for their conversions, they were banked on paid promotions that were giving them traffic close to 20k per month.

Apart from identifying and implementing relevant keywords and branding ideas, our goal was to take a deeper look into the structure to be able to identify the gaps and hence, bridge them. For this we needed to:

  • Understand why the older blogs and pages were not driving traffic
  • Checking if any technical issues are affecting their SEO ranking
  • Build their new blog strategy
  • Plan their backlink activities
  • Fix lack of interlinking throughout the pages
  • Build their keyword insertion strategies for old blogs

The Solution: Competitor Analysis, Optimization & Content (lots of it!)

It is uncommon for a website to have 100 live blogs and yet barely rank for the said content, hence, our first step with them was to understand what’s broken in the existing content strategy. On scrutinizing their existing content strategy we found that they were targeting single keywords on multiple pages. 

After enacting a sturdy understanding of the problems with our team, we forged a new and powerful SEO strategy to lead the way!

Step 1: SEO Audit & Competitor Analysis

We started with running an SEO audit to make sure the website follows all the best practices. We analyzed technical SEO issues, website structure issues, on-page SEO issues, content gaps, and opportunities.

Step 2: New Page Creations

After the competitor analysis, our challenge was to understand what an ideal audience wants and to give them just that. We went ahead and created a couple of new pages like the calculator and exchanges to drive more relevant traffic to the website.

Step 3: On-Page Optimization

The website was missing the right keywords to target on each page and therefore not ranking better in the search results. To revise this, we optimized old blogs and pages by targeting the right keywords to each one of them.

 We also added more relevant sections on the homepage and accelerated the keyword frequency via sections like FAQs, reviews, blog sections, etc.

Step 4: On-Page Content

After doing the competitor analysis we inferred that there are a good number of topics that we can write and drive more traffic to the website. We started having 10 new blogs every month that will have good search volume. 

Step 5: Backlink Activities

Once the content was more systematic and consistent, we started working on building quality backlinks to rank higher up for crypto niche keywords. This also helped us increase the domain authoring of the website.

Results: Let Numbers Do The Talking! 

In just about 8 months -

  • 322.86% increase in organic traffic 
  • 880% increase in keywords ranking in top 3 positions
  • 135.63% increase in the total number of ranking keywords on search results
  • 309.72% increase in the total number of quality backlinks  
  • Domain authority hike from 46 to 48

Organic Growth Stats for Our Client

Measurement Parameter April 2021
(Before SEO Efforts)
December 2021
(After SEO Efforts)
Percentage Growth
Total Organic Traffic
Website Impressions
Keyword Position
Top 3
Top 10
Top 20
Clicks from FAQs
Total Backlink Domains

Organic Search Traffic

Organic Search Traffic

Organic Impressions

Organic Impressions

REIN Digital is a leading global marketing and advertising firm focused on providing the best services and partnership. Our journey began in 2015 in Gurgaon, and since then we have been believing in putting in every ounce of effort in order to bridge the gap between our client's present and hopeful future. 

Throughout these years, we have collaborated with businesses from India as well as other nationals including Australia & the USA.

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