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Achieved +120% Traffic & 40x Lead Increase via Organic

April 26, 2024

Industry: Farm | Service: Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing

Project Overview

Nimbus Agro Farms, offering hassle-free returns on managed farmlands near Bangalore, partnered with REIN Digital in April 2023 to boost organic traffic and social media engagement. Despite prior unsuccessful attempts with other SEO agencies, Nimbus sought reliable campaign management strategies from REIN. However, upon taking over Nimbus's SEO marketing, REIN identified numerous missing basic and advanced SEO factors on the website, resulting in limited traffic primarily from branded keywords.

Challenges Faced:

  1. Nimbus's website lacked essential SEO elements crucial for visibility and lead generation.
  2. The absence of optimized content and technical SEO hindered traffic beyond branded keywords.
  3. Fragmented marketing efforts led to poor audience engagement on social media platforms.


  • Comprehensive Website Audit: REIN conducted a thorough audit to identify gaps in on-page optimization, technical SEO, and content strategy.
  • Strategic Keyword Research: Advanced tools were used to identify high-value keywords relevant to Nimbus's audience.
  • On-Page Optimization: REIN revamped website content, meta tags, and internal linking for improved relevance.
  • Blog Content Creation: Curated new blog content regularly for the target audience to drive engagement on the website.
  • Technical SEO Remediation: Addressing issues like site speed and mobile responsiveness improved user experience.
  • Content Strategy Development: A targeted content strategy positioned Nimbus as an industry authority.
  • Social Media Optimization: REIN enhanced social media profiles and implemented a cohesive strategy to increase engagement.

The Results - Key Metrics

Traffic Growth

NAF organic traffic

Keyword Growth

NAF organic keywords
1400% growth in the top 3 positions and 710.00%in the total number of keywords ranking on search results
  1. Strategic SEO efforts resulted in a remarkable 1238% surge in organic traffic and increased the number of visitors by +19K in 6 months.
  2. Optimized website and content strategy resulted in a 40x increase in quality leads.
  3. Strategic social media optimization generated 2.5L+ impressions in just 90 days and reached 1L+ accounts. This resulted in a 21% increase in account engagement within 3 months


Through a holistic approach to SEO and social media marketing, REIN Digital successfully transformed Nimbus Agro Farms' online presence, driving organic traffic, lead generation, and social media engagement.


REIN Digital is a leading global marketing and advertising firm focused on providing the best services and partnership. Our journey began in 2015 in Gurgaon, and since then we have been believing in putting in every ounce of effort in order to bridge the gap between our client's present and hopeful future. 

Throughout these years, we have collaborated with businesses from India as well as other nationals including Australia & the USA.

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