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Propertygeek - 1306.02% Increase in Total Organic Users in One Year!

July 18, 2022

Industry: Real Estate | Service: Search Engine Optimization

A Sneak Peek at their Background:

Propertygeek is a real estate platform that vows to help all home seekers find their ideal home space, just as if the property was built for them. 

Established in 2019, Propertygeek continuously works to gather information on the various kinds of properties, working around the clock for a promise made to their users - to help ALL find their own space by choosing wisely, just as they say, “happyhousinghappyliving.” 

Propertygeek was introduced to us in the month of August 2021 and there was no looking back after that! With only a month-on-month increase in organic traffic of 20%, we knew there was scope - a strategy was to be thought out and implemented to get more users to the website and also increase their sales.

The Challenge: To Increase Their Online Search Presence on the Web.

There were multiple challenges that were limiting Propertygeek’s ability to grow, the most significant being the mishap with Google search - another racer in the industry race, that provided resources for UK property investors and ranked at the top for the brand search. 

Although the client added new properties that were listed in Bangalore and Hyderabad, there were no blogs on the website to help gain traffic, and we knew just how to bridge that gap. We developed a fundamentally-sound keyword research strategy that sprung our partnership forward and upwards.

The Solution: The Magician’s Wand of Growth!

Site Audit and Technical Implementation:

Our first strategy was to run site audits. This helped us dig deeper into the cracks and understand exactly how to plaster the cause. Site Audit and our technical implementation were the bridge to understanding Propertygeek’s current position and the possible improvement areas.

Website Revamping:

Next was the design. The client’s old website had limited information with an error in the structure. This was taken care of by revamping their complete website with new designs and by making sure all the important pages were easily accessible to the users.

Old Design:

Old Design

New Design:

New Design

Re-editing the Website’s Copy

The design was for the eye, but what about the information? We made sure to scan through all the content copies and that every page provided accurate information to cater to the client’s market, including targeting the appropriate keywords for each page. 

Curating Blogs

In addition to the newly listed properties around the cities, we also focused on new SEO-friendly blog copies to help amplify the brand’s awareness.

Backlink Activities

No backlinks were missed! We initiated the process of reaching out to niche websites and competitor links. This was to help increase the domain authority of Propertygeek and also increase the brand’s presence in the real estate market.

The Results: Let the Numbers Do the Talking

As a result of our changes, the client resulted with an:

  • Increased domain authority, from 10 to 35!
  • 1306.02% increased growth in organic traffic 
PG Organic traffic

  • 286.79% growth in organic keywords 
PG organic keyword

  • 5x increase in FAQs search result 
faqs search result

  • 277.17% increase in the total clicks from Review Snippet 
search console data

  • Increase from 33 to 530 unique domain backlinks 
PG backlink data

Propertygeek, as a domain, has taken its flight to success and we cannot stop obsessing about it. As their partner in digital growth, we’ve literally seen the numbers escalate- exactly how we envisioned with more growth their way.

We’re making a difference, driving data with the digital-first approach, and are lifting the graph like never before. Let’s hop on one boat, shall we? Let’s do great things together!


REIN Digital is a leading global marketing and advertising firm focused on providing the best services and partnership. Our journey began in 2015 in Gurgaon, and since then we have been believing in putting in every ounce of effort in order to bridge the gap between our client's present and hopeful future. 

Throughout these years, we have collaborated with businesses from India as well as other nationals including Australia & the USA.

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