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13 Best Task Management Software

October 10, 2022

Managing work in the "new normal" has its own set of difficulties and requires us to pick up new skills and modify our equipment. It demands us to manage projects, teams, and work in particular with an extreme degree of flexibility.

Fortunately, there are a number of task management software available for everyone. We looked through a list of essential characteristics that the finest task management software should possess, along with systematic reviews, to help you avoid becoming lost in a sea of possibilities and make the right decision the first time.

This blog is loaded with all the information you need to choose the task management software for yourself or for your team. Let’s get started!

Task Management Software

Project management is crucial because it enables organisations to divide a project into related and sequential activities. Each task is organised, delegated, scheduled, and kept track of separately. Through the use of features like task planning, progress analysis, and time monitoring, task management software aids in the collaboration of teams. 

Clients may keep track of how much time they spend on various tasks, and it aids stakeholders in meeting project deadlines. The task management system also offers financial management, email synchronisation, to-do checklists, and task alerts.

Why Do You Need a Task Management Software?

Task management software helps businesses increase efficiency by optimising the project lifecycle. Projects are divided into tasks using task management software, which are then allocated to available resources with their own objectives and milestones.

Other Features of a Task Management Software

  • Productivity Boost: Task management software enables project managers to divide projects into tasks and subtasks. Each assignment has its own set of objectives, KPIs, and milestones that may be allocated to a particular person or team. Each team member has been given particular tasks and obligations.
  • Optimize Workflow: Task management tools enable firms to examine a project's complete lifecycle and spot bottlenecks and time-consuming tasks that require extra care. This aids in work prioritisation and scheduling as well as the effective creation of the overall project plan for efficient execution.
  • Notification alerts: Keep track of important deadlines and inform stakeholders of new tasks, changes, mistakes, and successes with the best task management software.

What is the Best Task Manager Software?

Here are the 13 best free task management softwares that can help you manage your task list:Backlog

1. Asana

2. Backlog

3. ClickUp



6. Nifty

7. Process Bliss

8. Quire

9. Smartsheet

10. Task Manager

11. Trello

12. Wunderlist

13. Zoho Projects

Let's deep-dive into the best features of each of the 13 best task management software.

1. Asana

Asana, one of the best task management software, is mostly used to start or manage projects or the activities that make up a project.

Team tasks including file sharing, task allocations, project progress monitoring, getting alerts, updates, and feedback, among other things, are made much simpler with Asana. Thus, it leads to effective cooperation and, as a consequence, efficient and prompt delivery of the project.

2. Backlog

Backlog is a fully - featured solution for managing projects and code. It combines the task management advantages for organisational efficiency with the strength of budget monitoring and configuration management. Utilising integrated Git and SVN repositories, assign, track, and release code concurrently with ongoing project activity.

For each project, create boards in the Kanban format that make it simple to see every job as it progresses. Wiki pages, file sharing, Gantt charts, burndown charts, and customizable statuses are just a few of the tools that let you graphically manage a whole project from start to finish.

3. ClickUp

ClickUp offers all the tools you require to manage tasks for any project or team, including tasks, subtasks, Reminders, task prioritisation, time tracking, configurable views, targets, dependencies, and custom statuses.

100,000+ teams at organisations like Airbnb, Google, and Uber use ClickUp, the ideal task management tool that consolidates all of your job requirements into a single app. ClickUp is an essential work management solution designed for individual usage as well as teams of all sizes and industries.


Jira is one of the popular and among the best task management software used by businesses all around the world to plan and create excellent products.

This software is ideal for agile teams since it includes Scrum boards and Kanban boards. In addition to bug/issue tracking, this programme is renowned for its customised dashboards, comprehensive reporting, end-to-end traceability, and several report kinds for tracking progress and establishing priorities.


Any project's workflow may be managed via You may assign tasks, keep track of them, and follow procedures throughout projects and teams. It provides chat, calendar synchronisation, due date alerts, time tracking, charts & analytics, and forms features.

6. Nifty

To organise tasks, deadlines, documents, and goals all in one location use the award-winning task management software Nifty. It provides versatile board, listing, and chronology views, as well as integrated process automation, improved filters, and task management tools. 

You may combine your work and membership into one browser tab thanks to the greatest workflow automation and robust task management on one platform.

7. Process Bliss

A task management solution for groups or small to medium-sized organisations called Process Bliss uses templates. It is straightforward to use, making it quick and simple for people to get started, yet it is surprisingly effective in what it can do.

The ability to track when things can't be done and why, together with process quality statistics, makes it the only task management application with built-in process improvement, according to the company. This helps you optimise the workflow.

One of the most powerful process workflow builders is present (especially at this price point). The template statistics are also excellent, providing you with a crystal-clear dashboard picture of your progress.

8. Quire

A new generation of cloud-based task management software called Quire enables users to easily plan, organise, and carry out their tasks. Quire is a collaborative tool with an infinitely nested task list and a Kanban Board that promises to assist you in realising your goals.

With Quire, you can keep track of your job progress whenever you want and engage with your team in real-time.

9. Smartsheet

A well-known online task management programme called Smartsheet is simple to use, accessible from any location, on any device, and at any time. It is regarded as versatile since any size project may be handled using a variety of tools, such as Gantt charts, etc.

Smartsheet is a cloud-based application that can be linked with a number of programmes, including Dropbox, Salesforce, and Google Apps. Its features include task management, planning, charting, automation, etc.

10. Task Manager

The Task Manager is a feature of Windows, and its primary function is to display a list of all active processes on the system. Task manager is used to compel the shutdown of any application in addition to providing information on the hardware resources used by the programs.

It might be useful for any project to keep track of the recurring activities, development, percentage of completion, time used, etc.

11. Trello

Trello is renowned for its clarity, and projects using agile approaches can benefit greatly from using it.

Trello offers the most visible collaboration for every project thanks to its boards that have cards on them. These cards can include design changes, tasks, feedback, files, a project summary, messages, etc.

From jobs and projects to family obligations, it includes everything you need to keep in order and is accessible from anywhere.

12. Wunderlist

Wunderlist, whose name incorporates a word list, assists users in managing a variety of activities or to-dos in both their personal and professional lives.

Simply said, you may prepare for any sort of work, create reminders, memos, and alerts, view them from anywhere using any device (such as an iPhone, Windows, Android, or computer), and, if necessary, share them via email with other people.

13. Zoho Projects

The last one in our list of the best free task management software is a complete project management solution called Zoho Projects.

With built-in Gantt chart reports, Kanban boards, forums, social feeds, resource usage charts, templates, timers, chat, and much more included in one package at no extra cost, teams can plan, track, and interact online successfully.

The most recent enhancements to Zoho Projects allow work automation with Blueprint and designating user groups as teams.

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Task Management Software

As you read in this blog, there are a number of platforms claiming to be the best free task management software. But how can you decide which is the best one for you?

Make sure you keep the following points in mind when choosing a task management software for your organisation:

  • Needs of Your Business: Subscription options for task management software typically range from basic to sophisticated packages. The price of a subscription rises as you add features. Businesses should assess their most important feature needs, compare the price strategies of various goods, and select a solution that satisfies both their needs and their budget.
  • Industry-Relevant: If your company caters to a specific market, such as medical, marketing, logistics, or architecture, you should think about using a task management system that was created with that market in mind. With no additional expense, these solutions assist you in managing and reporting duties in accordance with certain legal requirements and compliance.
  • Flexibility: Although task management systems have supported mobility for a while, it is still a significant trend. Users are searching for mobile-friendly task management software that enables them to keep track of their given work, check calendars, track progress, and catch up on conversations from anywhere as a result of growing globalisation and resource mobilisation.

Although every project has a particular set of requirements, all task management solutions have the same overall objective. As a result, they make everything so much easier to do.

We hope that this article will assist you in choosing the most appropriate task management software for yourself or for your team!

Best Task Management Software FAQs:

1. Which is the best task management software?

Some of the best task management software are JIRA, Trello, Asana, ClickUp, and many others. This task management software offers financial management, email synchronisation, to-do checklists, and task alerts.

2. What does task management software do?

Task management software assists you in logging and tracking all project-related information, from task planning through task management. Task management software is an essential tool for your company requirements since it allows you to keep track of your projects, schedules, meetings, and team obligations.

3. Why is task management software important?

Thanks to task management software, you don't run the risk of missing any important info, tasks, or deadlines. By employing such software, you may have a sustainable streamlined process and quick access to your important data while also saving time.

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