Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends To Expect In 2022

January 18, 2022

Technology has been changing and advancing with each passing day off late. 2020 has been the year when the world went online owing to the pandemic and hence, obviously, the only way in 2022 is forward and upwards. Digital marketing is sure set to rule businesses as the most preferred and most result-oriented mode of marketing in the future.

And on those lines, here are what we predict as the top upcoming digital marketing trends of 2022-

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI was on the list of the top upcoming digital marketing trends of 2020 and so it is on the list for 2021! AI and its possibilities are endless. It is used by organizations in order to enhance their channels of communication, analysis of data, tracking of operations, and even for forecasting consumer behavior! AI enables organizations to analyze the search patterns of the users, their interaction with web platforms and then works on projecting consumer behavior. AI should no longer be looked at as an investment, it is going to be the asset that will generate you some huge revenues in the long run.

2. Interactive Content

Interactive Content

2020 already has, to some great extent, but 2021 will definitely kill the whole concept of one-way content. The importance of well-written and well-put across content has been understood by most organizations in 2020 and interactive content is sure the way to go. Polls and quizzes on social media platforms, shoppable posts, 360-degree product videos, “ask me anything” and even sponsored vlogs are all great examples of interactive content.

There definitely is going to be more emphasis on keeping the viewer not only interested but also have them interact with the brand. ‘’Shoppable posts’’ are where we place our bets.

3. Voice Search

Voice Search

“Hey, Siri, what are the top digital marketing trends to expect in 2021?” Did you voice search your way to this blog? Chances are high! Organizations have now started to pay attention to the aspect of optimizing their content. This is an increasing demand since most users are now shifting to voice search and going hands-free for their search engine navigations. Many reports have also suggested that by 2021, the voice search percentage is going to be at least 70% of the total searches.

70 is a huge number to considerably create an impact on search trends. Voice search as an upcoming digital marketing trend needs to be paid attention to in full.

4. AI-Powered Chatbots

AI-Powered Chatbots

Apart from AI being used as just a mode to predict or project consumer behavior, AI is also soon going to become the first preference for customer support in 2021. With the pandemic in 2020, most organizations had to lay off their employees while the retained executives worked online. And as a solution to bridge the gap between the consumer queries and lack of support staff, the implementation of AI chatbots was seen everywhere. This sure is a trend that is going to further upscale in 2021.

AI chatbots also help gather relevant data about the most commonly asked questions and helps predict the overall pattern of communications.

5. Video marketing

Video marketing

TV commercials as a medium of advertising have been rolling for the longest time ever. And on those grounds, video marketing on the platforms of the internet has also shaped up. Videos are preferred as a reliable source of instilling confidence and surety in the user prior to them actually buying a product and hence, video is a concept that is here to stay. Video marketing has already seen a huge upward steep in 2020 as it holds the ability to ‘connect’ emotionally with a user.  Videos are also the backbone of majority influencer content. Great videos can talk to users like a picture-based commercial never can.

Digital Marketing Trends FAQs

1. Can I learn Digital Marketing on my own?

There is a lot of comprehensive material available online that can help one understand at least the basics of digital marketing. However, the true game of digital marketing comes to powerplay when you apply the theoretical knowledge in the practical realm.

2. Who pays the cost for cost per click ads?

The advertisers pay the publishers an amount for each click they get on their ad on the publisher’s website. Cost per click helps essentially determine the costs of an advertiser displaying their ads on search engines. However, the advertisers are allowed to simply cap this by setting a maximum cost-per-click bid.

3. What was the first chatbot ever introduced?

An MIT professor called Joseph Weizenbaum foresaw the future and created the first-ever chatbot back in the 1960s. The first chatbot ever was called Eliza.


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