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Wristcam - 828.34% Increase in Total Search Visits in Just 9 Months!

March 27, 2023

Industry: E-commerce | Service: Search Engine Optimization

Wristcam - 828.34% Increase in Organic Traffic in 9 Months with 2 Million Impressions!

A Quick Rundown of their Background:

Apple Watch band Wristcam is quite distinctive among all others. With the inclusion of a front- and back-facing camera for photos and videos, this band offers the Apple Watch a fresh look and feel.

The Challenge: The Awareness of the Product

There was limited knowledge about the product in the market. They needed a way to connect with the customers and convey their offerings. SEO was a clear shift to increase performance and identify customers.

The Solution: Brainstorming and Closing the gap With the Right Strategy!

Site Audit

As an SEO agency, our 1st step is always to check the website's health and fix the issues that are found in the audit report. 

Optimizing their existing pages

We observed there was no proper keyword targeting done throughout their website. Our SEO team optimized their existing pages with relevant keywords.

Keyword Research and Blog Content

To move quickly the team first needed to understand how potential customers were searching for apple watches they offered and how those searches varied worldwide. 

At REIN, the SEO team pulled out all Apple-related searched keywords for significant countries. We focused to use these keywords to curate blog content for them, which then drove potential customers to their product pages.

Building Backlinks

We started building quality backlinks for the blogs and their product pages to improve the ranking on the search results.

The Results: What we do Best

  • Domain authority increased from 41 to 44 in just 9 months
  • 828.34% increase in organic traffic.
Wristcam traffic trend
  • Hiked the organic keywords to an increase of 2038.36% 
Wristcam Kw Trend
  • 5x increase in FAQs traffic
WC FAQs traffic
  • 1290.82% increase in clicks from a Good page experience
Good page experience

Organic Growth Stats for Wristcam

Measurement Parameter May 2022
(Before SEO Efforts)
February 2023
(After SEO Efforts)
Percentage Growth
Total Organic Traffic
Website Impressions
Keyword Position
Top 3
Top 10
Top 20
Clicks from FAQs

Key Takeaways

  • The organic search optimization channel has earned Wristcam the highest level of traffic and awareness in the market. 
  • High-quality organic traffic was a significant achievement for our SEO team.

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Throughout these years, we have collaborated with businesses from India as well as other nationals including Australia & the USA.

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