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95.25% Increase in App Installs in Just Three Months

May 11, 2024

Industry: Cattle Trading | Service: Paid Marketing

A Brief Introduction

Animall, an online marketplace for trading cattle, makes it easy for dairy farmers to purchase or sell quality cattle to start their own farms. However, persuading dairy farmers to install an app for trading cattle is not an easy task. 

This is where REIN Digital came into play. In 2020, Animall and REIN Digital forged a strategic alliance to increase the app's user base. Leveraging its expertise, REIN Digital launched a campaign to enhance the visibility of the app and attract the right audience. 

Our Strategy: Paid Marketing

Initially, the campaigns were segmented into three categories to figure out the primary demographic and behavioral patterns of the traffic.

After reviewing the campaign’s performance, we started A/B testing with various ad copies and creatives, and fine-tuning the campaign with the most effective strategies was simple.  

Through continuous optimization, we determined that videos effectively captured the attention of the target audience. Noting this, REIN’s campaign emphasized more on sharing relevant videos to drive the desired action such as App installs, Signups, and more.


  • 65.66% increase in sellers on the app
  • Got doubled the number of buyers
  • 95.25% increase in app installs
  • 109.53% increase in the registrations made on the app in just 3 months.
  • The cost of acquiring customers was reduced by 3x.
Growth Stats


Our strategic approach yielded impressive results for our client, including a significant increase in app installs, buyers, sellers, and registrations. By carefully analyzing the demographics, conducting A/B testing, and expanding strategically, REIN successfully enhanced the app's visibility and attracted the right target audience. This also summarizes that REIN is committed to refining its methods to drive significant results for its clients.


REIN Digital is a leading global marketing and advertising firm focused on providing the best services and partnership. Our journey began in 2015 in Gurgaon, and since then we have been believing in putting in every ounce of effort in order to bridge the gap between our client's present and hopeful future. 

Throughout these years, we have collaborated with businesses from India as well as other nationals including Australia & the USA.

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