What is Video Marketing? Is It The New Trend?

December 2, 2022

Video marketing is followed by strategists to effectively engage target audiences in their marketing campaigns. We say pictures speak more than words so imagine if that's a slide show of a set of motion pictures. Videos promote services and products more than pictures do by interacting engagingly.

In this age of shorts, reels, and stories, anyone with a smartphone and basic editing skills can create a video content marketing strategy. We social media influencers do that every day, right from filming their daily vlogs to creating a paid partnership video.

Now you know why video marketing has taken campaign managers by storm. Let's learn more about how to create a perfect video for marketing, how it benefits the brand, tips for creating successful marketing videos, and the challenges they face!

Scroll down to uncover those hidden tricks!

First Things First, How Does a Video Marketing Strategy Work?

A study in 2019 found that video marketing helped businesses grow by their

  • Brand awareness by 70%
  • Sales by 34%
  • Traffic by 51%

How do you achieve such numbers? Follow these tricks on how to create a successful  marketing video:

  • Allocate a budget: Firstly, you must assign a fixed set of resources to purchase decent video equipment, video editing software, and maybe a model face to feature your brand.
  • Create a storyline: What are videos? Just short stories featuring your brand that you want your target audience to relate with. Brainstorm on the perfect storyline and plan how attractively you can convey them.
  • Make it interactive: It's not enough to just create a story and post it. First of all, it should incite a response in your audience and you should be amicable enough to respond. Say, replying to a viewer's comment, asking a question at the end of the video, etc.
  • Keep the video short: In this age of 90-second videos, people engage more with videos that give them a ton of information in a short period of time. Your audience is consuming gigabytes of information within seconds so make sure your stories are short, crisp, and to the point.
  • Cross-promote: Get your social media team to publish your marketing video across all your brand's social media profiles. Cross-promote and interlink across each platform so that the target audience knows the dedication you put behind servicing them.
  • Analyse: Get your metrics straight, study them, and note what strategies are yielding the most successful results. These strategies keep changing almost every other day just like the trends on the gram. So keep tracking.


Needless to say, marketing videos always tend to garner a loyal following. Why? Because they are more engaging than normal ads! Here's what an ideal marketing video will help you achieve:

  • Marketing videos are an SEO goldmine! Videos help you backlink to your official website which drives traffic and prompts the viewers to share the videos which helps you rank in search engines. Also, do not forget to cross-tag on all your social media.
  • Marketing videos are a source of information retention. What's that? Humans retain 10% of any information they simply heard after 3 days. Now combine that metric with imagery, and they retain 65% of the information 3 days later. That's a hell of a lot of information (remember when we said people consume gigabytes of info? This is what we meant).
  • Marketing videos are successful click baits! The word video on any email is bound to increase open rates and boost click-throughs. People prefer to watch a product video rather than read about it.


Doesn't video content marketing seem seamless with no risks? We wish! The first challenge is getting the money to buy the proper video equipment to shoot professional-looking videos. Then comes joining teams with an experienced video editor who can run video editing software. But these are surmountable challenges, right?

Most people fail to realise how much brainstorming goes behind zeroing in on the perfect marketing strategy. Like we said before, the A to Zs of creating a storyline, scripting if needed, shooting captivating visuals, and others. Once that's perfected, a few simple clicks later, your marketing video is ready to be launched!

The Bottom Line: Best Practices in Video Marketing

Video marketing is the most consumed content on the internet these days. What's different in each of those videos is the storyline: sometimes it's a comedy, and sometimes it's a protest for a social cause. The best practice to create a successful video marketing campaign is to figure out what your target audience wants at the moment. How do you find that out? Have your social media team be active on what goes on all platforms and analyze what the audience is reacting to in general (to put simply, follow the trends). Then follow our tips given above to create a marketing video!

video marketing FAQs:

1.What are the steps for video marketing?

Follow these steps to create the perfect video marketing visuals:
  • Set your goals.
  • Choose your platform.
  • Select the type of video.
  • Plan the content creation.
  • Get your post-production work correct.
  • Schedule and promote the marketing videos.
  • Analyze the metrics.
  • 2. What are the types of video marketing?

    Video marketing strategies depend on the following goals:
  • Demo videos
  • Case study
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Educational videos
  • Expert interviews
  • Event videos
  • Brand videos
  • 3. What is the best video marketing strategy?

    Follow these video marketing suggestions to build the best strategies:
  • Set campaign goals by understanding your audience.
  • Stay on the brand mission.
  • Make sensible video budgeting.
  • Optimize your videos in such a way that it targets a particular channel.
  • Test your videos again and again.
  • Do not forget the CTV (Customised TV) ads.
  • 4. What is short-form video marketing?

    HubSpot blogs in 2022 suggested that short-term video marketing involves creating video content under 60 seconds. The optimal length of these videos is 31 to 60 seconds.

    5. What is a video marketing funnel?

    Similar to content marketing funnels, video marketing funnels guide your target audience through a buyer's journey. They turn a potential buyer by attracting, educating, converting, and retaining them.


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