Best 8 Key Strategies For How To Use Pinterest For Business

December 22, 2022

Did you know social media plays an important role in marketing your business? It is often seen as the go-to platform to reach the target audience you aim for. In this case, there is a maximum percentage of chance that most would need to improve and start using Pinterest for business amongst the other platforms.

Why, though?  

Well, you would be able to reach an interested, niche demographic that is willing to make a purchase at this largely untapped social media platform. Since Pinterest commonly serves as a source of information for so many users. 

Therefore, getting ready to make a purchase, and using Pinterest for businesses is ideal for promoting goods and services.

There is a reasonably large audience eager to learn about your business on Pinterest. So, are you ready to begin?

Let’s find out how to use Pinterest for your business. But first,

What is Pinterest Marketing?

In order to reach out to new audiences and raise brand and product awareness, your business should incorporate Pinterest into its overall social media marketing strategy. This is known as Pinterest marketing.

Also, using Pinterest for business helps by:

  • Connecting with a new audience and establishing an online presence.
  • Driving an increased number of customers to the business's online store or website.
  • Promoting conversions, like ticket sales, newsletter subscriptions, or other purchases.

In other words, using Pinterest for business can help increase your brand's exposure and profitability.

Pinterest is also loved by those seeking upbeat ideas; it is not a site for FOMO or contentious back-and-forths.

Now that we’ve got the basics straight, let's now understand how to use Pinterest for business. Read on for 8 powerful suggestions listed below.

How to use Pinterest for business?

1. Design a Pinterest Marketing Plan

Do you expect that Pinterest will boost traffic to your website, promote sales of a certain product, or increase sign-ups for an event besides assisting you to build a following?

Begin by working on a social media plan for Pinterest, just like you would with any other social media platform. Don't make the mistake of just randomly posting.

Designing a Pinterest marketing plan involves:

  • Making SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) objectives. Actively learn about the demography that is most probable to use this channel and the broader Pinterest audience.
  • Get to know the correct Pinterest target market for your business.
  • Take into consideration what your rivals are doing on this social media platform.
  • Organize and put in your social media content calendar on-brand material for Pinterest.

Once you've created an absolutely clear plan, you may start walking toward your objectives.

2. Discover and Save Captivating Content

As a matter of fact, Pinterest is a visual medium, and creating eye-catching visual content to post is essential to leverage it for your business.

So, what is the next question that arises? - ‘What characterizes an engaging pin?’

Vertical Visuals

According to the data, 82% of users access the Pinterest app on their mobile devices. So, it’s necessary to aim for a 2:3 aspect ratio while taking pictures to prevent unwanted cropping.

Think About Your  Image and Video Quality

Pick out the best quality image and video that Pinterest suggests if you want to avoid pixelation.

Descriptive Writing 

You could help increase SEO, provide your photographs context, and attract users to click links by using compelling descriptions.

Overlaying Text 

A title that complements your visual message is highly recommended.

Elegant Branding

Make sure to include your logo in your Pins if it makes sense for your business and perfectly fits with your Pinterest marketing strategy. This helps to prevent your brand from getting lost in the Repin shuffle.

Check For Active Links

Your brand won't ever benefit from broken links. To be able to provide Pinners with the optimal user experience, ensure that the link associated with your Pin doesn't lead to a 404 error and loads promptly.

And lastly, be consistent! Pinning routinely and frequently is way more impactful than making a board and loading it with several numbers of Pins all at once. Additionally, consistent pinning provides an assurance that more people will see your work.

3. Consider Multiple Pin Formats

Pinterest is a space where users do share pictures, but again it's not just for pictures.

Get it all!

Experiment with pinning a video that invites Pinners to go to your business, or put numerous images to one Pin to create an attractive carousel.

Although 80% of Pinterest users come to Pinterest to find new products or brands, you need to consider more than just directly advertising your business.

Over and above that, 85% of users on Pinterest assert to use the platform as an object of inspiration for new initiatives. Don’t forget to provide your audience with engaging information, and brainstorm about posting how-to Pins or inspiration boards.

4. Structure Your Boards Well

Your business's boards can assist in attaining new Pinners who are interested in particular topics or gaining specific knowledge because 97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded.

Great examples of Oreo's boards are its Spooky Sweet Halloween board, "Festivities with Oreo" board, and "Oreo Cupcakes & Oreo Cookie Balls" board. These boards help provide inspiration for forthcoming seasonal holidays.

In other words, the brand skillfully blends more promotional boards with informative, entertaining, and inspiring content boards.

5. Ensure Your Pins are SEO-friendly

Make certain that the Pins for your business are simple and easy to find in a search because Pinterest is a search engine.

Don’t miss out on adding relevant keywords to your boards, boards' descriptions, and even hashtags. Rich Pins are intended to pin fresh information from your business's website without recreating it.

6. Explore the Various Pinterest Adverts

Ads are another fantastic tool to use on Pinterest for businesses. Advertisers could target adverts on Pinterest based on interests, keywords, age, location, and other factors as well.

And thorough audience targeting helps advertisers reach a specific set of Pinterest users, including:

  • Individuals who in some way engaged with Pins on your board.
  • Individuals who make use of the platform to understand comparable material.
  • A distinct list, like the readers of your business’s newsletter.

There are numerous different ad formats accessible on Pinterest such as video advertising, collections, and promoted Pins.

7. Monitor the Stats

Data-driven marketing strategies for your business on Pinterest are super-effective. 

To understand it in a different way, measuring, monitoring, and analyzing important Pinterest data and audience behavior helps social media managers to identify both the most successful and least engaging kinds of content.

8. Optimise Your Pinterest Account

Make sure your followers on other social media platforms are up to date and that you are also actively posting on Pinterest. Ensure the publication of your Pinterest account:

  • Add a link to your Pinterest account on the corporate website.
  • The email signature must consist of the link.
  • Promote your business's other social media accounts with your Pinterest business account.
  • Share the information about the Pinterest profile in a business newsletter.

How to Create a Business Account on Pinterest?

Make it a point that you do have a business account on Pinterest and aren't just utilizing a usual personal account when using Pinterest for business. Creating and using a business account helps you to:

  1. Utilize analytics to watch and gauge your Pinterest marketing plan.
  2. Direct various adverts on Pinterest.
  3. Activate the Shop tab.



You now have every resource you require to start using Pinterest for business and generating revenue!

Making the switch to a Pinterest for Business profile is an opportunity you won't want to miss given the platform's 200 million users.

To paraphrase a phrase you heard on the radio recently, there is plenty of power in the marketplace. You're already doing the necessary actions to create a stunning Pinterest account that appeals to your target audience thanks to all the ideas and advice in this article.

So why are you still waiting? Begin pinning!

pinterest for business FAQs:

1. How to build a solid community on Pinterest?

Every successful social media page depends on the following base of active and enthusiastic users. It's crucial to generate inspiration, exchange thoughts, and start discussions on Pinterest on the subjects that interest your followers. Be a frequent pinner yourself if you want to inspire your followers to do the same. To ensure that your followers always see new content from your account whenever they check on, try to pin (or plan a Pin with Later) every day.

2. How to measure your Pinterest activity?

A certain way to find out what's working for your audience and to help you improve your Pinterest marketing plan is to check your Pinterest Analytics. You have access to all profile-related in-app metrics with a Pinterest for Business account. You can quickly see how many monthly impressions your profile and Pins receive, the best-performing material, and the volume of traffic you are sending to your website.

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