What Are Backlinks? Different Types of Backlinks And Backlinks You Should Avoid

November 30, 2022

Digital marketers are well-versed with the term backings when it comes to search engine optimization. Getting backlinks from authoritative and renowned websites plays an integral part in Google’s algorithm. Backlinks can also play a decisive role in the rise or fall of your website in Google’s SERP. 

Also known as inbound links, one-way links, or incoming links, these are clickable links that let the user jump from one page to another. Usually, pages with good backlinks get good organic search engine rankings because they are loaded with information. For digital marketing beginners who are here to learn about backlinks, let’s start with the basics such as what backlinks are.

What is a Backlink? 

Backlinks can be seen as votes that help your website rank as compared to others. These votes signal the search engine saying that the content on the website is credible, worth reading, and useful. So, the more votes you have, the higher your website will rank on Google and other search engines. 

Backlinks were the foundation of Google’s original PageRank algorithm. Over time, Google made changes to the algorithm, but backlinks are still very important ranking factors. In fact, they are in Google's top three search engine ranking factors along with “rank brain” and “content.”

Also, all backlinks aren’t equal. It’s quality over quantity regarding backlinks that affect the search engine rankings. One high-quality backlink from a trusted and credible source can outperform 100 low-quality backlinks.

9 Different Types of Backlinks

After what are backlinks, let’s look at 9 different types of backlinks. These 9 types of backlinks will help you get top-quality links and help you rank higher. 

1. Editorial Backlinks

These links are mentioned in the editorial descriptions and integrated into high-quality, relevant material. Editorial backlinks are considered perfect backlinks because it shows that your content is a credible source of particular information. These backlinks are also formed when a business representative gets quoted and your website gets featured in a link roundup. 

To get editorial backlinks, you have created content on timeless topics that make you a thought leader and establish your website as a go-to brand and destination for industry expertise and interviews. Also, generate content that is captivating, easy to share, and can go viral. Lastly, use SEO tools to identify hot subjects and keywords that your competitors use, but you haven’t.

2. Guest Blogging Backlinks

When you write an article for an established website and attach an editorial hyperlink to your website, it becomes a guest blog backlink. Guest blogging is a legit way to get quality backlinks and almost all SEO strategies have a guest blogging outreach plan. 

3. Backlinks in Business Profiles

This is one of the most efficient ways to get backlinks from established websites. While creating your digital profiles on social networks, business listing websites, review sites, and industry directories, you can link your website and the search engines consider it as proof that the website has been active for quite some time. 

4. Backlinks from Webinars

Webinars often provide quality SEO backlinks. Sometimes websites conduct webinars and put them on their homepage or a dedicated landing page and provide a link to your company and cite what your company does. To get these backlinks you can use the same strategy you use for blog promotion. 

5. Free-Tool Backlinks

Providing a free version of a commercial app to your users or customers is a great way to gain both backlinks and attention for long-term SEO influence. To get backlinks, target websites with the same audience as you and market the tool. 

6. Acknowledgment Backlinks

This type of backlink can help you boost your website branding. Usually, you get such links when you sponsor an industry event, have a representative speaking event, and more. 

To get acknowledgement backlinks you can use a tool called backlink checkers. This tool will allow you to see websites where your competitors receive backlinks. If you analyze the data from this tool, it will help you form a strategy to get more high-quality backlinks. 

7. Guest Post Bio Links

If a website allows guest blogging but does not provide backlinks in the guest post, they will certainly provide one in the author’s bio section. Even if the backlink is not linked to the editorial content, it will boost your SEO as you are getting a backlink from a website with a larger readership. 

8. Badge Backlinks

It is another smart move to get high-quality backlinks. The badge can be seen as an award that is given by other websites. It is seen as a status symbol and if you are linked to the website that has earned a badge, most likely readers are going to trust your website. 

To acquire badge backlinks, search for a group of websites that create a badge. Use tools to find websites similar to yours and remember the more badge backlinks you get the higher you can rank on Google

9. Comment Backlinks

When you comment on a blog post, post a link along with it. Sometimes, it can negatively impact the SEO strategy because spammers abuse this strategy. However, make sure you comment on high-quality content and at the same time, make genuine comments. This will increase the visibility of your website. Also, don’t overdo it. 

What Kinds of Backlinks Should You Avoid?

1. Paid Links

are frowned upon by Google or other search engines. They look at websites and determine their value based on how well-linked it is to other websites. According to Google, if you buy or sell links, it can have a negative impact on your website’s rankings. 

2. Backlinks in Press Releases That Are Not Newsworthy

If you create press releases just for the sake of getting backlinks, it could ruin your rankings. Google considers this practice as creating spam and even readers don’t appreciate it when they are spammed by backlinks. 

3. Low-Quality or Irrelevant Directory Links

Setting up profiles in untrustworthy directories might have a bad effect on your SEO. These directories may not be well-regarded or just irrelevant to your business. Also, website viewers aren’t really big fans of this practice. 

4. Low-Quality Forum Backlinks

If you decide to post on forums with hyperlinks, make sure those forums are high-quality and conduct real debates. If you try to spam forums with a lot of links, you might not get the result you want. 

What Types of Backlinks Are Valuable?

All backlinks weren’t created equal. Some are more worthy and hold more value as compared to other types of backlinks. So, focusing on those worthy, high-quality backlinks is better than thousands of low-quality ones. Here are some examples:

Backlinks from Trusted, Authoritative Sources

If you get a backlink from a high Domain Authority (DA) website, you will see a boost in your organic traffic. This is because Domain Authority shows that a website has been present for a longer time, produces high-quality content, and is credible. And getting a backlink from such a website will boost your rankings in Google. However, these are hard to come by but definitely worth it. 

The Link's Anchor Text Includes Your Target Keywords

The anchor text is the part that the audience reads and is linked to your website. For instance, you run a website that shares information about SEO and you get a backlink from a high DA website with an anchor text “How to boost your SEO rankings?” to an article you wrote about the same topic. This will be a highly valuable backlink. This is because anchor texts that have target keywords can boost your growth significantly. 

A Relevant Site Links to Yours 

When a website links to yours, check whether the backlink is relevant or not. For instance, you published a piece of content on the best guitars for beginners and if you receive a link from a guitar teaching institute or a guitar manufacturer, it is going to be worth more. 

It is a "Dofollow" Link

Google and search engines ignore “no follow” link tags. While the majority of links have do-follow tags, links from paid advertisements, blog comments, and press releases tend to be no follow. 

Links From a Domain That Hasn’t Previously Linked to You 

Let’s say you got SEO backlinks from a website and they provided you a link a second time and then again a third time. The subsequent links will not have the same effect as the first link. Getting links from the same domain, again and again, has diminishing returns. Therefore, it is better to get 5 different links from 5 domains rather than 100 from the same website. 

Final Thoughts 

Backlinks are the backbone of an SEO strategy. It helps your website grow and shows that it is a credible and reliable source of information. However, steer clear from the black-hat SEO practices, get the backlinks organically, and boost your rankings.

seo backlinks FAQs:

1. What are the most powerful backlinks?

Dofollow links are the most powerful backlinks. They pass the SEO juice of the website that provides the backlink to the website that gets it. This means that the website with a higher DA providing a dofollow link will increase the DA of the website that is receiving the link.

2. Which backlink is best for SEO?

When you get backlinks from guest blogging, business profiles, and webinars are the best for SEO. Other backlinks that are great for SEO are free-tool backlinks, badge backlinks, acknowledgment backlinks, and comment backlinks.

3.How to get backlinks?

Finding quality backlinks can be a time-consuming process, but it is worth it. Here are a few ways you can get backlinks.
  • Use Top Referral sources
  • See where your competitors get backlinks from
  • Find broken backlinks for other websites and get backlinks from them
  • Create content that is high-quality, credible, and link-worthy
  • Publish skyscraper content
  • 4. Do backlinks work for SEO?

    Yes, backlinks work for SEO. In fact, they are one of the top three search engine ranking factors along with “rank brain” and “content.” Quality backlinks send signals to Google that another source finds your content credible. As you earn more and more backlinks, the search engine thinks that the website has valuable content and boosts your SEO rankings.

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